Cardigans With Bling

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Gone are the days when the word “cardigan” was associated with celibacy. That’s maybe a little harsh, but we can all admit to never hearing the sentence, “that’s one sexy cardigan you’re wearing.”

They’ve really made over their image and are available in all kinds of patterns, textures, and bling.

Christmas time is a great season to stock up on dazzling cardi’s because you can wear them now and later.

Here area few of my favorites that I’ve spotted around town, starting top left…

Those first two (the sapphire and the fuchsia colored sweaters) are both from Target. Target has a whole slew of great jeweled sweaters. Whatever you do, do not pay full price for one. Keep an eye on it (or save your receipt) because they will put them on sale. If you can’t see it, that fuchsia one has a light scattering of sparkles starting at the shoulder. It’s really pretty.

And the blue cardigan has really pretty jewel bunch at the collar.

Speaking of a great bunch of jewels, that black number in the middle is from Ann Taylor and boy would that look great with a white button down, a sparkly skirt and some black pumps.

The gray sweater has a really cool bead pattern of both silver and gold going on. It’s from White House Black Market and would look beautifully unexpected with some light gold accessories.

The black one, top right, would be the most practical out of the bunch, but is still a step above a boring black cardi. It’s got a smattering of sparkly gems on it as well that glisten at different moments when worn open. It’s from New York and Company, who, by the way, is having an amazing sale right now so go scoop one up.

All of these are proof that you don’t have to settle for boring cardigans anymore! It’s about to be 2015, friends. Let’s let our cardigans get a little wild ;)

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