Pink, White and Blue

striped shirt

striped shirt

striped shirt

Ok look, I’m doing my best to broaden the patterns in my closet beyond stripes and animal print, but it’s just so hard! There aren’t many prints out there that I would want to stamp “Elizabeth” on, so as soon as I come across one I’ll buy it, alright?

I have taken a step in the right direction with this shirt *cough* it-was-four-dollars-at-Target *cough* because it’s not just stripes, it’s got a different pattern in the background. The hot pink floral scribble is pretty cool against the clean lines of the stripes. For the shorts I decided to go with my army green cuffed shorts from GAP. These can really work with a lot more than you think if you treat them as a neutral. I especially love pairing this green with hot pink as it is a little unexpected and lets the pink take center stage (I like to think that in life, I’m the hot pink and my husband’s the army green *wink).

Speaking of pink, these earrings go perfectly because they don’t match the pink in the shirt. I know that might sound odd if you’re one of those “matchy-matchy” people, but if I were to go with the same pink that’s in the shirt it would be too bright and it would take away from the pattern. Because this pink is a shade or two darker, it still gives me color without being overwhelming.

Then of course I’m going to polish off the look with leopard heels, because what else would you wear with stripes? Duh.

The whole ensemble is a great way to be patriotic with my own flare.

Don’t you love how I’ve perfected my, “I’m going to pose like I’m in a J. Crew catalogue even though my dog is peeing in the grass beside me” look?

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  1. I’m totally with you on the pattern thing. I just can’t bring myself to wear patterns. When I shop I grab things that can be paired with multiple outfits that alone aren’t memorable because I like to make each piece go as faaaaaaar as it will! Patterns are memorable, and so I feel like if I wear it too often it looks like I wear the same shirt all the time, which is true because I DO! Lol maybe if it was $4 at Target I wouldn’t mind…….

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