What to Wear Shopping (Other Than Your PJ’s)

how to style a graphic tee, what to wear with moto leggings, how to pull off athleisure

Let’s look good while snatching up the savings.

how to style a graphic tee, what to wear with moto leggings, how to pull off athleisure

athleisure, fashion blog, mom blog, mom life, what to wear shopping, how to pull off athleisure, what to wear christmas shopping, how to style moto leggings, elizabeth ogle

fashion blog, mom blog, mom life, how to style leather jacket, target clothes, what to wear shopping

Anyone else having trouble getting anything done because all they want to do is shop??? I mean, come on! HOW am I supposed to function on the internet when EVERYTHING IS 250% off!?

Good thing we can snag deals both online and in person. Sometimes one is better over the other. And I figure you don’t need style advice for what to wear when shopping at home – you do you, girl.

But when shopping out in public I have a few key style pointers to help make your life easier. These tips also apply to any extended outing (which there can be a lot of this time of year – Dollywood, Caroling, Light looking, etc.)

Obviously comfort is key. I love taking a pair of “workout leggings” and turning them into a stylish outfit. I think I’ll call it athleisure and turn athletic wear into a billion dollar business, wait someone beat me to it.

To achieve this look take your most “pant like” work out leggings and pair them with a graphic tee or other relaxed t-shirt and throw over it a jacket and some slip on sneakers. Switch out any of these items with more polished work out attire if you need to (and when I say “polished” I mean no visible sweat stains please).

I bought these pants at Marshal’s but here’s a similar style; got the shirt and jacket at Target; shoes are from Amazon.

Hope this helps you to stylishly nab the deals this holiday shopping season!

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