The Bag Every (packrat) Woman Needs

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Your shoulders will thank me, your friends will praise you.

The one thing I wish someone would have told me before having a child? How great wipes are. They handle stickiness, stains, spills, errant makeup, that “germy” feeling, dropped utensils, unruly bangs, that weird color of something on your steering wheel… I feel like I get to walk around with the kitchen sink!

I will carry them from now until eternity because they are the best. Problem is, there are about 10 other products that are “the best” giving them high enough rankings to make it to my bag. Especially on a day trip somewhere or, gosh, even a run to the mall.

That’s why I was over the moon about this backpack.

I can almost feel my shoulders sigh in relief when I load it up for a day trip because it’s so much easier to carry than any other bag. My Kavu bag comes close, but even that starts to hurt after a while. The even distribution, not to mention the cool leather of this Coach beauty has me feeling good all day.

A couple weeks ago I put it to the test for an all day shopping trip around Atlanta. My shoulders never hurt and boy did I look good.

I love that it has plenty of room inside without looking too bulky and that outside pocket for smaller things like my phone. It also has easy access inside pockets so I can store things I need to get to quickly at the top without having to riffle around.

And while I’m usually a deal shopper all the way, I firmly believe that a good, quality bag like this one is a great investment. It will stand the test of time style wise, and last through multiple wears. In fact a leather one like this will only look cooler with age.

This is actually from the men’s line at Coach in West Town Mall – go see them in there and get one for yourself! Why? *see first italicized line

PS: Coach in West Town Mall will soon be carrying even more great men’s stuff – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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