Summer Style Plan 2017

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Does your struggle look like this?

You stand in your closet, starring at what you own for 20 minutes not knowing what to wear almost every time you go to get dressed.

While shopping, you browse aimlessly just looking for something you like, and end up buying random pieces or things you already have four of.

Once you get home with your purchases, you find yourself STILL starring into your closet for 20 minutes not knowing what to wear.

If you can identify with any of that, even if you just want to have great style this summer – I’ve got a plan to help!

I’m going to walk  you through making a style plan. Why is it so important? Because it will save you time and money – I can’t think of two more valuable things to save, so I’m going to drop the mic at that.

Here’s where you start…

Sit down and list out all of the categories you need to get dressed for.  Do you have to get dressed up several times a week? Do you wear mostly athleisure outfits during the day? (Raises hand).

Next, list out what you have a good amount of in your closet already. Say, you’re one of those beautiful people who like to buy black pants. Or your one of those geniuses who buy lots of jeans (all of which is TOTALLY hypothetical I don’t know anyone like these examples). If you know you have… let’s just throw a number out there, 11 pairs of jeans, then list “jeans” as something you don’t need more of.

Now think of what you need. When was the last time you got stumped getting dressed? Did you have a pair of pants in your hand and didn’t have a top to pair with them? Were you going somewhere dressy? Then list “dressy tops”! Or maybe you were headed out on a hot day and still wanted to look cute but only had a tank to wear so list “I need great shorts”.

Here’s what my list looks like…

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Now that we know what we need, we’re going to think about how we want to look.

Enter: Pinterest.

Poke around on there and see what you like! If you find a board that you often jive with (HERE’S A LINK TO MY PINTEREST BOARDS) then follow them (YOU CAN FOLLOW ME HERE) and tell 10,000 of your closest friends about it.

Start a board for summer style! Pin what you love! Above is what I’m going to keep in mind when I get dressed/go shopping for summer outfits. It just helps to have a visual of what “look” you’re going for.

The goal is to keep focused on the style you want and the needs you have – both of which will save you time and money! Yay! Let’s love how we look this summer! Speaking of which, here’s how to love your body no matter what this season.

Sources for all of the pictures in the above collage: vest and maxi; necklace and tshirt; off the shoulder outfit; hat athleisure outfit; tie shirt and leggings; red maxi skirt; maxi dress; white button down and maxi skirt.

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