Punch Up Your Look with Leopard Accessories

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I’ve had a couple people ask me if it’s okay to wear leopard now that fall has arrived…so let me set the record straight: Leopard is a constant in my book. I wear it all year.

That’s fine if you view it as more a cold weather print. But if you’re asking this gal – the gal who is typing this while sitting on a leopard run, wearing leopard slippers, leopard pajamas and a giant leopard bathrobe – the answer will be leopard all the time.

It’s okay if you don’t want to go all out (obviously I need to seek help for my addiction), there are little ways you can add it into your look thanks to Chico’s in West Town Mall!

All of the accessories pictured are the perfect way to punch up an outfit. Whether or not you stay away from prints – leopard is something that needs to be introduced into your outfit. If you don’t wear print – leopard works. If you do wear prints (most of the time) leopard works. The exception would be if you wear other animal prints more often – in which case you don’t want to look like a walking zoo. Florals, stripes – those are great prints to add a dash of leopard to!

Think of the print as a neutral since it is made of neutral colors.

Now let’s look at these accessories…

I’m a huge fan of Chico’s accessories. I think they have nice things that you don’t see very often every where else (I’m also in love with their jackets). The earrings in the picture…they’re REVERSIBLE. How cool is that?! That little dangley pendant can be turned around to show a side that’s all black. Talk about getting full use out of those!

The bracelet pictured is just like one I own that I’ve now almost worn down to the bone. It adds so much to a stack of bangles or even just next to a gold watch, and really takes a casual outfit up a notch.

One thing to keep in mind with the print, (and in my current cocoon of leopard I’m breaking this rule in every way) try not to double up. So with what is pictured, I would wear the earrings and the bracelet, but not the bracelet and the scarf, or the watch and the scarf together. In other words, pick one area on your body to wear the leopard and leave it at that. Even with the clutches – I would carry the clutch and wear just one of the other pieces pictured.

It’s meant to add a dash of visual interest, not the whole bottle.

But again, I kid you not – I’m typing this while cocooned in leopard so what do I know. Pick up any or all of these pieces at the Chico’s in West Town Mall!

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