Hello Summer Sales!

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Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer…

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, that crazy song will be in your head the rest of the day. Ha!

Summer is here and with it (besides the over-consumption of watermelon and ice cream) comes great summer sales!

I’ve pulled together a list of sales going on at stores in West Town Mall. It’s cool in there and you can try things on instead of wondering if it’s the right size as you hit the “buy” button. Also two words: Auntie. Anne’s.

Remember: when shopping a sale you need to make sure you stick to your style plan. Don’t just go buying up things because they’re a great deal. Now is the time to shop for what you need at a great price!

It’s also a great time to be thinking of fall basics. Sometimes stores will pull out all their inventory, so if you come across anything that is long sleeve or for cooler weather, don’t bypass it because it’s not that season yet (Oh, but it’s right around the corner!! *squeals). Snag it at a super discounted price now / love yourself for doing so when you reach into your closet in a few months and pull out something new, later.

Express – Extra 30% off clearance – for a total of 70% off the original price. Someone stop me from buying more jeans from them, I’m serious.

Dillard’s has a lot on sale – their bra section is where my bra section comes from. I love their stuff because it’s quality and it’s actually being sold at a sale price. P.S.: this sale only gets better throughout the month of July so keep checking back!

Ann Taylor has 40% off everything. Everything? Everything.

Altar’d State – Man do they know how to put on a sale. I don’t step in the store unless they’re offering me 1,000% off, which they do this time of year, so bye!

Pandora is also running a sale, so stop in there to get a discount on some quality jewelry. Seriously – I got a ring from there and I loooove it. I’m especially happy with the fact that it’s not going to wear down or turn my finger green. Ew.

Bath and Body Works of course is running their mega deals and so is Yankee Candle! (AKA: time to start thinking Christmas presents).

Soo many great deals at West Town Mall, just make sure you shop responsibly. ;)

Here’s how to avoid shopping sale drunk.

Be safe out there.

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