Have You Seen This Online Boutique? (Two Words: Free Shipping)

gray monroe, knotted tee, floral tee, fashion blogger, mom blog, elizabeth ogle, ottd, summer ootd, knoxville fashion

gray monroe, knotted tee, floral tee, fashion blogger, mom blog, elizabeth ogle


gray monroe, knotted tee, floral tee, fashion blogger, mom blog, elizabeth ogle



You’re going to want to fill up your virtual cart.

Listen, I’m just doing my duty altering you to small businesses so you can support them and help the community. It’s not even a purchase for you per-say, it’s for the community. I mean, you’re just trying to do some good in the world. (I can work up a full “here’s why I spent this much” kit if you need me to ;)

In my quest for boutique clothing that didn’t put the ho in boho, I found Gray Monroe (how awesome is that accidental rhyme).

Started by a mother with the goal of spending time on herself so she’d feel like a woman again, this site offers everything from fun tassel jewelry to the latest trends in clothing. Ergo: knotted tees. I could buy every single one of them.

I bought this knotted tee earlier in the year (and at the time of writing this it was on sale on the website!).

Here’s the magnificent thing about knotted tees – they instantly style your outfit. Instead of just a plain ole’ hemline sitting there like “ho hum I’m a boring shirt”, you’ve got a side knot that gives your whole look personality!

This floral pattern isn’t the only one either, there’s a striped version (which I will be owning VERY SOON), a gray version and all kinds of sleeve options. Go look for yourself!

Oh, want another reason to love this gal? She does a happy hour sale every Thursday. It’s different each week. Sometimes it’s an extra discount on clearance items and other times it’s 20% off tops. Either way, shipping is free so you’re already saving there! I mean, I’m saving you money all over the place ;)

As far as sizing goes….Here’s the thing, I can be a small, medium or large depending on the clothing. What I’ve done on this site is look at her stats (she’s pretty small and petite) and then look at the top she’s wearing in the picture. If it covers her bum, I know a small will work on me too (because I don’t want it covering my bum and I’m taller than her so it won’t). If it comes up shorter on her waist, then I order a large or medium depending on the rest of the top.

Just use your best judgement. And happy shopping! 

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  1. LOVE your outfit! So, are flare leg pants back in style because I adore the pair you’re wearing and honestly my large legs are tired of trying to wear skinny jeans.

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