Graphic Tees that Will Make You Smile

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Who are you? Are you living the mom life? Are you #blessed? Fueled by coffee and Jesus? Wait, don’t tell me. Let me finish reading your shirt.

It’s becoming an increasingly popular trend to take “wearing your emotions on your sleeve” quite literally.

And I’m all for it…sort of.

One of my constant goals in life is to hear laughter – whether it’s someone else’s or my own (which isn’t hard, as I’m an easy laugh). So I gravitate towards shirts that will elicit smiles.

I don’t want to read or portray the message that I’m giving up on “adulting” or that I don’t want to be around people. I want to inspire happiness.
So I’ve scoured Amazon for some funny tees and included them below. The fun thing about these is you can dress them up a notch by adding some blingy earrings and jeweled sandals, or you can athleisure the crap out of them by wearing with jeans and sneakers.
I plan on adding at least two of these to my collection. If you want to add any to yours, just click on the picture!

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