An Easy Way to Determine Your Shape

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So you can look and feel spiffy always.

Don’t be shy, hesitant, sad, frustrated or fearful about figuring out your shape – that’s an order!

You are beautiful just the way you are. And if you don’t accept what you look like now, you’ll never be happy. You are beautiful. Let’s lean into the body we’re living in and figure out the best way to dress it!

Once you determine your true shape you can consistently walk out the door in looks that flatter your figure and give you spiff in your step!

Even if you think you know what body shape you are, go through the steps – you may be surprised at the outcome, or you may not. Either way it’s good to have these numbers (hello, online shopping people!) and it’s good to be reminded of what works best on your frame.

Here we go…

Get a cloth tape measure (or some yarn and a yard stick) and determine the size of your shoulders right at the top (to where it’s almost popping off); your bust at the fullest point (without squishing); then measure your waist just above your belly button; and your hips – slightly below your hip bone and around the biggest part of your bum.

Now compare those measurements to this chart, which I got off of – who does a fantastic article on how to determine your shape and even provides a link to where you can use math formulas GROSS MATH. Haha ;)

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Next, let’s talk about the style goals for your newly determined shape…


Goals: Creating curves!

Do this by grabbing pieces that will give you volume. Ruffles, wraps, pleating, a-line skirts – all those things will add volume to your frame and give you the illusion of curves.


Goals: Obscuring your mid-section.

Do this with pieces that will flow over your waist line like billowy maxi dresses or tunics. Also, drop waist dresses are a good idea.

Inverted Triangle

Goals: Creating the illusion of lower body curves to balance out your figure.

Do this by going with taylored tops/jackets – items that will highlight your waist and draw the eye downward. Wide leg pants would also help!


Goal: Downplay your lower half, show off your tiny waist.

Do this by going with fit and flare dresses and a-line skirts. Stick to things like dark wash skinny jeans/pants to visibly draw the eye towards your waist and upper half.


Goal: Draw all the attention to your waist.

The half tuck trick I talked about here is a great way to do that. Also wrap dresses and things that cinch at your waist – like jackets and dresses.


Knowing your shape will help you getting dressed EVERY DAY. So it’s important to figure out your figure – but it’s even MORE important that you remain content with what you look like! Let’s decide to make every day a spiffy day in the skin we are in :)

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