Say Goodbye to Summer, and Hello to Fall!


Fair warning: this post will usher you through a myriad of emotions.

I’m going to evoke the sadness of seeing summer go, but in an instant I’ll turn it around and distract you with the happiness of welcoming fall.

So here we go…

Fresh off of my last beach trip for the summer, I just had to paint #thisweeksnails in what has become my favorite color from the season. China Glaze made the perfect bright, peachy-pink that I’ve been looking for, for two years now.

And so it was this beach trip that I painted on “Flip Flop Fantasy” as an homage to the end of what has been a really great summer.

Now before the tears start to form…look-PURSES! (How’s that for a distraction *wink)

My latest Style Setter blog is up and it’s chalked full of the perfect bags you need to stylishly bring in, what promises to be, a beautiful fall.

In this post, you’ll find how to determine what bag is perfect for you, as well as what your bag collection might be missing.

Read all about it here and dry your tears with maybe a gorgeous cross-body by Fossil :) See, that helps doesn’t it!

We’ll be getting back to closet clean out week tomorrow, so make sure you click back! Meanwhile catch up on why it’s important to have an organized closet, how to achieve one, and the 3 F’s of closet cleaning.

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