What to Wear to Work in the Fall

what to wear to work

So you may not be able to match my level of excitement about the fall season, but let me get you to at least admit that having a seasonal shift is a nice closet refresher.

While tank tops and flip flops are great, just think back to how good it feels when you slip into a comfortable pair of boots and a big cozy sweater. Mmmm yeah. Welcome to the dark side.

Let’s talk about building an easy fall work week wardrobe.

What I have pictured is a great base for getting you through a full five day work week (all of which can be found at West Town Mall). Each top can be worn alone or layered, giving you a great variety of looks. And because there’s a great mix of pattern and texture, they’ll keep you looking modern and seasonally appropriate.

Notice I have a pair of ankle length pants (these are “So Slimming” pants by Chico’s). They are so perfect for fall weather…I’ve already explained why here. I added a pair of wide leg pants because they’re growing in popularity. I’ll give them a little more air time on my body, but my main squeeze is still my skinnies (pun so ridiculously intended…”squeeze” get it?) These wide leg trousers are from The Limited, who have the perfect selection of classic/trendy/well-made work pants this side of the Mississippi.

The striped shirt (far left) is from Tommy Hilfiger and I don’t know about you, but looking at it makes me want to run down to a college campus and stand under a color-changing tree while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. It really couldn’t be more fall appropriate if it were made out of pumpkins. It would also look just as fall-ish under that chic GAP blazer too!

That checkered black and white plaid (or gingham) print shirt from American Eagle Outfitters is a great layering piece. Get ready because you’re about to see this pattern explode all ova-tha-place…even into spring. For now, wear it alone or peaking out from under that gray sweater. Oo then add the blazer on top of the whole thing. Boom. (Grab about 40 other sweaters like this gray V-neck from GAP. Get one in every color, trust me. They’ll go far).

And let’s all take a vow to stray away from boring black flats. The taupe and leopard flats pictured from Rack Room Shoes will add such pizzazz to your looks! Think about how cute those leopard flats will look with either the striped or the checkered shirts!

Yum. Getting dressed for a fall work week is so delicious. Have fun with it!


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