Striped Dress Refresh


We are all susceptible to falling into an accessories rut. It happens.

The important thing is to know the signs that you’re in one. If you reach for the same exact necklace every time you put on a certain top, you’re in a jewelry rut.

If you look through your jewelry collection and see multiple necklaces that look alike, you’re in an accessories rut.

Let’s work together to break out of that rut.

Step one?

Follow my lead and try a new necklace with that dress that always gets worn with the other one.
When I first wore this magical number from White House Black Market, I wore it with this turquoise necklace.

But to freshen things up a bit, I decided to wear it this time with a light pink statement necklace mixed with diamonds (oh, they’re all real). What drew me to this one was the shape. I love how the jagged outline gives the light pink color and diamonds combination an edgier feel.

I’m all about that edgier feel.

This dress has such a great neck space for a statement necklace like this. That’s why it’s fun to make it look different with a new one each time (you hear that, honey? More jewelry!)

I dare you, no, I double dog dare you to try a new necklace with an old outfit next time. You’ll feel so fresh!

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