The Season’s Most Popular Pattern: Floral

This is me making a strong effort to introduce a new pattern to my closet. I can’t preach things like, “break out of your box, and try wearing something new!” if I don’t practice it myself.

What better pattern to do that with this spring than floral? I mean, really…even the weeds that spring up flowers look amazing. I think we can pull this off.

I’ve told you before, I’m not very girly when it comes to my style of dress. The only thing in my closet with a bow on it was bought for a Halloween costume. So going with a print this frilly and girly is definitely stepping out of my style zone. However, it can be easily pattern mixed with stripes (of which I have a-plenty), paired with edgier pieces giving you a perfectly balanced look, or patterned in such as way that it doesn’t look overly girly (as in the dress pictured below from New York & Co.)

What’s great about this pattern is it introduces so many color options into your look, so floral can easily become a neutral. I think a pair of floral pumps or flats like I’ve got in the collage would be great because they’d add a pop of pattern and color to the most basic outfits.

Take a look at the options below (all found at stores in West Town Mall) and go with as little or as much floral as your little heart desires!

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1. American Eagle glasses case.

2. Altar’d State floral scarf.

3. Forever 21 floral print top.

4. JCP floral pumps

5. JCP floral flats

6. Altar’d State earrings.

7. American Eagle floral shades.

8. New York & Co. floral geo print sheath dress.

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