How to Wear Your Summer Dresses Now


I want to prove to you (for the third / time) just how great it is to have a white jacket for spring…

Spring Daytime Look

Over the weekend, I had another shower to attend. One that I thought started at 2 in the afternoon. It wasn’t until 9:45 that I discovered that the shower was, in fact, at 11am. And at 9:45 that morning I wasn’t driving home from a manicure and facial…I was driving home from an outdoor run. Hair was a wind-blown mess, legs were still in winter mode (ifyaknowwhatimean). I was by all accounts a mess.

Spring accessories!
But thanks to this white jacket, a sharp razor (so sharp in fact I’ve got the cut up my leg to prove it), some Oscar Blonde dry shampoo and a curling wand, I got myself together, and within 30 minutes I was back out the door and on my way to pick up the guest of honor.
What’s the lesson in all of this?
1. Don’t enter the wrong time in your phone.
2. Check it the morning of the event just to make sure (even if you think you know the time).
3. Pick your outfit out in advance so you can fly through the getting ready process if you forget to do step one and two.

Thankfully I had done step three already and had already decided to wear this summer dress with my new white leather jacket. The jacket and the black booties helped to give me warmth and balance out the girlyness of the dress (not to mention they both helped to off-set my winter white skin).

Why you need a white leather jacket

If you don’t want a white one, at least consider a jean jacket or a blazer to get more mileage out of your summer clothes!

*Side note: My toes weren’t painted either (joy!) but they were going to show in my shoes. So I just did a quick swipe of Designer De’Better (OPI) on the only toes that were going to show. Pick a polish like that, that looks good with just one swipe and you’re ready to go!

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