How to Dress for the Weather

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The funny thing about the weather here in Tennessee? It’s one big surprise party.

This past Saturday they called for 90% chance of rain and guess what…we didn’t get a drop. Not during the day at least. And I was all prepared for a good rainy Saturday (pssst: the fact that it didn’t rain didn’t stop me from binge watching Gilmore Girls #lazyday).

But with the onslaught of outdoor events on the schedule this time of year combined with the mixed bag of weather possibilities, it helps to know just how to dress so that you’re cute AND weather appropriate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready to attend outdoor events this spring/summer…

Start your outfit planning by checking the weather.

This time of year especially it can be cool, hot, rainy, windy – you just never really know. Begin putting your outfit together by realizing what weather you need to dress for and go from there. I always always want to be both comfortable and weather appropriate (wearing sandals in the middle of a cold spell draws the wrong kind of attention to my outfit…especially if my toes start to turn blue ;)

If you see the weather doesn’t coincide with what you had planned to wear, immediately start coming up with alternates. By working on your outfit in advance, you save yourself from running around like a headless chicken the day of. The alternative can be as simple as adding a cute little jacket to your maxi dress, too!

Now I know there are millions of life factors that get in the way of doing these things sometimes, so even if you do end up wearing a sun dress in 55 degree weather, or sinking in the mud in your favorite heels – be sure to press those shoulders back and keep a smile on your face the whole time.

Complaining through a frown doesn’t make anyone look good.

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