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A good weekend to me is equal parts relaxing and productive. So…maybe a 4-5 episode binge on Gilmore Girls followed by a good closet clean out (and when I say “4-5 episodes” I really mean 4-5 seasons).

This week I cleaned and organized my closet which has me on a cleaning and organizing high – WHAT ELSE CAN I GET MY HANDS ON. So we’ll see what all I get to in the next few days.

Today, I wanted to share some fun links with you that I hope will help make your life spiffier and help you feel like you’re able to take on the world come Monday…


As I said: my closet – done! Now I need to tackle our master bathroom and figure out a way to keep all my hair products out of reach from little hands. This inspiration from Real Simple will help me do just that.


If you’re out and about browsing the stores this weekend this closet staple will help you look pulled together in an instant! Always be on the hunt for a good one, no matter the season.


The Farmer’s Market has started up where I live WOOO WHOOOOO!! And I’m determined (bolded and italicized as a self reminder) to buy more produce and eat it this year. I work from home now so my lunches can theoretically consist of straight up veggies every dang day. Let’s do this with these sheet pan recipes.

Aand as a bonus…Here’s a great article I read recently on managing money. Sure it’s not the first thing you want to read heading into the weekend, but that’s when being aware of these things matters the most. I like the idea of going one whole day without spending – I try to do that myself! (Notice, “try” – thanks a lot Amazon. *rolls eyes).

I hope all of this helps to make everyday a spiffy day!

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