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Saturday’s can be tricky.

I want to do so many things on a Saturday but also have a major relaxing day, so every weekend I work to achieve that balance. I’d really like my every Saturday to include a trip to the farmer’s market, but instead of trying to make plans I’m going to plan on setting up Jackson’s play room so hopefully plans will pop up. Like when you walk in a store with money to spend, but you pretend like you “can’t buy anything” just so that everything you’ve ever needed will pop up in your face. Anyone else do that? Anyone?


I’ve put together a list of things to help you be both productive and relaxed this weekend (mostly relaxed).

Shop a great sale! Maybe even get future self to thank you by starting in on Christmas shopping – Nordstom Yearly Sale

I like hearing about other people’s routines (especially morning routines) so this article will both help you relax and feel productive come Monday morning – Family Routines

Get a leg up *seewhatididthere on – Upcoming legging trends

My hair is going to need this when we’re at the beach – Undone bun

I love a great graphic tee and I’ve pulled together some of my favorites that you can buy straight from the picture – graphic tees

I hope you enjoy your Saturday and Sunday and Monday! We’ll see you back here with fresh content on Tuesday!

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