Spiff Splash

bauble necklaceThis week seemed to throw itself into first gear and just inch along.
Thankfully the weekend is here and filled with fun things!
Here are three things that kept me spiffy despite the slowness of the days.

Spray lotion

I read all the time how covering your body in lotion before bed/after the shower is such a great thing. I’m good about it after the shower, but before bed time…eeeeh yeah, read this post and you’ll see I’m doing good to get my face washed.
This lotion by Vaseline takes all the excuses out of putting lotion on as it takes about three seconds to spray and rub your way to glowy skin!
vaseline spray lotion
Bauble necklace
I know these bauble necklaces are on the way out. I know this because I saw a boutique put some on sale for $2! (Whaa..Whaaaa). Regardless I haven’t finished loving how they add visual interest to an outfit, and think that now they work well to making a casual Friday outfit perfect for meetings downtown.
On my list of things to buy this fall are colored and/or patterned sweaters. I really fell in love with having a brightly colored cardigan this past cold season, and decided that this year I was going to stock up on more. I’ve got my eye on some and will hopefully have many more to incorporate into the coming months.
Have a great weekend, and come back Monday for more Spiff!

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