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You know what’s great about Christmas Hallmark movies? No matter when you turn the movie on, you can be caught up on everything that’s happening in about 30 seconds. Even if it’s the middle of the movie. The only variables are job titles and who the kid belongs to. That’s about it.

But that’s why I love them so much! Thanks to Hallmark at Christmas time, there’s always something warm and fuzzy to watch.

I turned one on the other day where the girl was achieving her dream of becoming a personal shopper. Yadda, yadda, yadda she got the guy in the end.

Now let me do a little personal shopping for you. I’ve got gift ideas and all of them are under $25 and found at the one stop shop…West Town Mall.

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One: String lights from Garage. Cute little LED lights your loved one can stick almost anywhere and add a little happy. It’s great for a person who notices atmosphere as these will add the perfect dash of cozy.

Two: This is a feather tray from Fiore. If you know someone decorates with gold, this would add such a glamorous touch to their home.

Three: Socks are notoriously the gift that gets the fake reaction, but these over the knee socks from Banana Republic just might elicit an actual happy face! (Keep the receipt just in case ;)

Four: Night. Vision. Goggles. What warm-blooded human being wouldn’t find these to be the coolest things on the planet?! Whoever it is that wouldn’t love them, you don’t need them in your life. Weed out the bad eggs with this present.

Five: Beauty Blender from Sephora. Change the way your friends apply makeup and clear out your mailbox for the slew of thank you cards that will ensue. Seriously.

Six: Giant tote from Forever21 is the perfect gift for someone you don’t really know. Because who doesn’t need a large tote?* (*This from someone who hoards bags like Twinkies. She thinks we will all need them someday. I don’t know what day, but one day it will happen when we all need large bags, “You’ll see!!!” – something she yells out while slowly sinking into her large bag collection).

Seven: Aerie has their pj bottoms on sale for $20. Snatch some up and earn yourself the nickname PJ McFancy Bottoms. #worthit


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