Treat Yo’ Self Thursday

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In my house, the word “treat” always has to be spelled out as my little pupster can pick up on it from four rooms away. I have to admit, it is a fun word. In fact I’m a big fan of the phrase “treat yourself” because it can justify so many fun things (all within legal limits of course).

High on my list of things I’m going to “treat myself to” when I find it, is a pair of patterned pumps. I’m on the hunt for black and white ones especially, but as I searched to see what the stores in West Town Mall had to offer, I found a whole slew of pretty patterned options.

If you took one look at that graphic up there and already decided these weren’t for you, remember that you can wear them with long pants and in doing do, would have the funnest peak of pattern sticking out. If you have a closet full of classic pieces then a pair of pumps like these would really perk up your style. Read on sista!

1. Ahh if only these were available in more than just size 7 and 7 1/2. They must have been pretty popular at Ann Taylor, and for good reason! Look how gorgeous they are, and think of all the outfits they’d add some major glam too! I’d wear them with skinny jeans, tights, pajamas…the list is endless, really.

2. If you’re going to go for a colored patterned, why not go all out with these Steve Madden Varcityy Pumps at Belk. If all those colors overwhelm you, think of all the outfits this would match. Not only could you pull out one or two colors, but you could also pair this with neutrals…or *gasp, pattern mix with a simple striped skirt!!

3. These Calvin Klein Dolly Leopard Pointed-Toe Pumps from Dillard’s are showcasing such a beautiful leopard pattern. I love that it’s bigger and so rich looking. Of course I’ll always love a great animal print, and on a lower heel like this that would probably be bearable for a full day – gosh that’s going for the win. (Should I mention again that leopard goes with everything? No, you’re tired of hearing that? Ok.)

4. Let’s not forget the great selection (and current sale) awaiting us at Rack Room Shoes. And for a more subdued floral print shoe look no further than these Xappeal pumps. The underlying color is black, which means these puppies will again (notice a pattern here) go with everything. Especially if you have a solid color dress, oh girl, these shoes would really elevate your look.

5. For the most cautious and quietest among us, there are these (aptly named) Hush Puppies from JCP. With a muted pastel print and a much lower heel, these could really give you a great pattern option, without going too crazy.

It’s truly amazing how far a pair of heels like these will go. Get on over to West Town Mall and jazz up your shoe collection for the winter and coming spring!!

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