RAD, White & Blue

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If you’re going to celebrate the birth of this great nation even just a little bit, why not just go full boar?

I mean…you’re living free to do whatever you want, can’t you at least say thanks by wrapping a picture of the flag around your torso? Is that too much to ask? ;)

I like doing up holidays in kitschy ways because…when else?!

So I’ve combed Charlotte Russe in West Town Mall for cute ways you can show pride for this great nation this weekend. Be sure to leave in the comments below anything I may not have thought of (short of a giant flag tattoo. Love ya, America, but I’m not prepared to take our relationship to THAT level.)

PS: All of these pieces can be found at Charlotte Russe in West Town Mall

And PSS: THEY’RE ALL UNDER TWENTY DOLLARS. The whole store is under $25, but I picked out the deals…guys, some of this stuff is FIVE DOLLARS. Why are you still sitting there reading this?!

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