Bring Your Pinterest Pins to Life

pinterest weekend outfit

I know. We’re twinsies!

While it’s hard to pin point the subtle differences between the two pictures, that is me there on the right. Ah yes, you see it now don’t you?

I honestly didn’t even plan to take this in front of a chalk board sign, it just worked out so serendipitously.

So why am I walking around impersonating Pinterest models? Because I want to give you four ways you can do what I did, and bring what you’ve pinned on Pinterest to real life. Put all of that dreaming, pinning and (let’s face it) pining to good use by learning how to put it into action when it comes to what you wear…

1. Search for items you’re having a hard time styling.

The vest I’m wearing in this picture is a moto-vest I got as a gift several years ago. I’ve never been able to work it properly into an outfit, until I saw this picture. And what do you know – it was the perfect thing to wear downtown for dinner and jazz. Pinterest has gotten really good with their search capabilities, so figure out what you need help with and search for it.

2. Don’t be so literal.

Obviously I’m not wearing exactly the same hoochie skirt outfit she is. That’s because you’ve really got to relax your brain when searching for outfit inspiration. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been stuck on what to wear, and by simply scrolling through pictures of clothing, it’s triggered an idea in my head that was no where to be found on the page. By looking at silhouettes and the overall “feeling” of an outfit, your brain can put things together that you’ve maybe never thought of before.

3. Know your closet.

If you don’t know what’s in there, how can you know what to wear? Take a quick pass through to look at what you’ve got, even if you’re not getting dressed. This way you’ll have a fresh mental image of what’s in there. If you have so many pieces that you can’t take a relatively quick pass through, then I suggest you unload a little.

Bonus Point: Have fun! Put something together and if you’re unsure, wear it out with your best friend and see what you think. Fashion should be fun, so try not to tress about it (she writes emphatically to herself).

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