How to Pick Your Best Shoe Team

When you’re traveling away from all the luxuries of home, you’ve got to make sure your shoe game is on point. That plus the fact that you’ve only got so much room in the suitcase, means you have to pick the best and the brightest from your team of shoes!

Are you with me!? Ok let’s DO THIS.

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Here’s what qualifies a player to make the cut…

1. Versatility

Versatility is number one for a reason – it’s the most important factor. My neon pointy toe heels may look super chic and fabulous with that striped shirt dress, but if that’s the only thing they go with then they’re not worth the real-estate. My nude gladiator sandals on the other hand, will work with all five dresses in my suitcase.

Nude Gladiator Sandals, you’re in!

2. Comfort

Whether we’re packing for a vacation or for a work trip (in my case a couple weeks ago – both) comfort is a necessity. Most of the time you don’t completely know your schedule, so if at any point you end up walking around for hours, you’ve got to have a comfortable option. This means if two players are alike in a category (i.e.: casual sneakers) go with the guy that’s going to support your feet the best and build your outfits around him.

Casual Nike’s, get in there!

3. Bulk

Thirdly and really the least important is the size of your shoe. I have a pair of gladiator wedges that take up a TON of space. But this is a trickier requirement because if it falls within the confines of the first two (for example, if these wedges are really comfortable and if they’re going to go with a lot) then they make it on the team, but if they don’t fulfill any of those requirements then they’re first to get the boot. Again, if it comes down to two or three options and you just can’t decide – check to see which one will take up the least amount of space and go with it.

These rules don’t just apply to packing either. Versatility and comfort are two big factors when trying to decide whether or not to buy a pair of shoes. Sometimes we can get a little drunk on how cute a pair of shoes is, then wake up the next day after purchasing them to realize they treat our feet like dirt. Don’t fall into that trap. Respect your feet.

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