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Weekend wear shouldn’t be complicated. But somehow on a Saturday morning/afternoon/night when I’m standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear, it feels more like a mental mountain than polynomial long division.

Therefore, when I concoct a breezy outfit that works well, I document it and return to it (making tweaks) all summer long.

I literally threw this combo together when it came down to the wire a couple weeks ago. It was time to walk out the door and I wasn’t crazy about what I was wearing so I threw this on and turns out, that’s the squeeze I needed to get to something great.

I love these long men tanks from Wal-Mart (insert no judgment here) because they are just that – long. I don’t have to wear an additional tank underneath which keeps me cooler (ya just have to watch those pesky bra straps). And I don’t care if vests are in/out/indifferent I like the flow of this one and the fact that it’s not all black.

After I had decided these two pieces will be worn together (remember, the seconds were ticking away and I was about to be late) I quickly glanced at my necklaces and saw this geometric number. I knew the color of the metal would perfectly blend the taupe tank and black/white vest so I put it all together and what do you know? It worked.

With some cuffed jeans and gladiators, I nailed it just like MacGyver with only “two seconds left!”

Another weekend saved. Whew!

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