Neutral Stripes Two Ways


If you didn’t already know this, I did not get into fashion blogging for the pictures.
All I want to do is write.

If I could just sit down and write all day, I would do it. But, as I’ve said before, this is obviously a picture driven business so I’ve got to suck it up.

I was really digging this shirt that I picked up at Old Navy last weekend, so when I got home from work and realized I had the building to myself for a bit, I took that opportunity to snap a few pics (it starts to get awkward when neighbors are coming home and scooting around your camera in the hallway :)

Our shirts go so well together ;)

These neutral stripes are such a fresh departure from the more graphic black and white ones I can’t seem to keep my hands off of. Plus I really love the fact that the shirt is sheer, it gives it more of that spring time vibe.
I also love the fact that I can still pair this with leopard for a little pattern mix.
I wore the shirt first with the white pants and felt like the wide legs and long shirt was too much volume. That’s why I tucked it in, in the front only (I love the laid back vibe of a shirt tail hanging out in the back. Plus it’s flattering if you have more junk in your trunk).
Then when I paired it with skinny jeans, I needed the volume so un-tucked worked perfectly. I also really loved breaking out my teal hoops because this whole neutral thing needed some color, and those are great to have around for just that reason.
They’re a little fresh/a little funky. As are you ;)
Have a great Tuesday!

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