Leopard, Jeans & Gladiators


Even though it’s starting to really feel like summer outside, I’m still reaching for my favorite skinny jeans.

Let’s face it, it could be raining balls of fire and I’m still going to reach for these perfectly worn-in jeans from Express because I know my butt will look good as I run ;)

As I put this outfit together the other night, I was excited to find that I could incorporate my gladiator wedges with my jeans if I simply roll the cuff up another half inch. I like to give these shoes their due spotlight, and if my jeans are grazing the top of the shoe I don’t feel as if that’s showcasing them well enough.

The key to pulling off the rolled jean look like this, is to not pair it with a crop top or sweater. You don’t want to look like you recently went through a growth spurt (nor do you want to look like you shrunk your outfit in the wash).

This leopard print top from JCP with the black edging is my favorite kind of piece to have in the summer. Because it’s got that all-over print it’s busy enough to stand alone, and with the black piping around the collar it’s not really conducive to a necklace. All I need to do is throw on a black bracelet and I’m good to go.

Easy breezy.

Now I just need to order up 152 more of these tops and I’ll be set for the rest of the summer!

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