You’ve Got to Try This Pedicure

Why have I only gotten a pedicure twice in my life?

It’s so relaxing to let someone else work on your feet while you just sit there. And unlike a massage, you really get to enjoy the effects of the service for weeks with pretty toes!

I really don’t like to paint my toes, so let me declare here and now that I’m getting one more often. And I may just get one that looks like this…

wedding day toes

This is a picture of my sister’s toes on her wedding day! I love the pink color with the fun bedazzlement. It’s not over the top, but it’s a little more special than just the color, making it perfect for such a special day!

Show your pedicurist this picture next time you get your toes done, for something equally as fun!

And for those of you who’ve been following my blog/obsession with nail polish for a while, I’ve officially declared this nail polish my favorite of all time.

silver nails

It’s “Designer De’Better” by OPI, and it’s probably been written about more than anything else on this blog. Ha! Truly.

It was a last minute switch on Sarah’s wedding day. I started with an off-white, but it just looked too harsh and all wrong when I paired it with the pearl and diamond bracelet. I had brought this polish along the day of in the event that I changed my mind. Sure enough I did, and I was glad to have this perfect silver with a slight shimmer of gold nail color. It was a lovely addition to my nails for such a lovely day!

Speaking of lovely days, tomorrow my husband and I celebrate being married for six years! Happy day!

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