On the Hunt for a Jean Jacket

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Ready, set, look good.

The jean jacket I’m wearing in the picture is one I picked up over ten years ago at a second hand store. It’s Old Navy, actually, and it’s worn well over the years.

In fact, I’m still wearing it, but this year I felt as if I needed to get an update.

So I’ve started a hunt for a new one. And I’ve found that it’s a lot like shopping for jeans. It’s hard, and not something I want to do regularly because I have very specific requirements in mind. But with these ground rules I can find one that will flow with my style and last me for another 10 years!

Going into shopping for something that will be a staple in your closet it’s good to know what length you want – a jean jacket should hit no longer than your hip bone. You can go longer as large ones are on trend right now, but that’s also a downside as they might not be en vogue next year. I would stick with the classic length.

Also, stay away from super duper distress for the same reason. A well loved jacket will naturally distress (the elbows of the one I’m wearing are proof) so unless you’re just really into that and feel you will be for a couple years, go for light distressing.

Don’t be afraid to shop second hand stores for a piece like this. A jean jacket is like wine a woman and stew – time makes it better. So I don’t mind picking one up at a second hand store because that means it will be broken in and moving well in all the right places.

Some stores do sell jackets with a blend so they’re not all denim and thus super stiff. Chico’s, for example, sells a great jacket that has a nice feel to it – soft and not stiff like new denim. The upside to buying your own fresh off the rack is that you can break it in around your body.

Think about adding fun patches to it if you’d like! Personalization makes it more you and it’s a lot less permanent than a tattoo!

Here’s a cool miliarty-esque version from Chico’s and here’s a great one from Gap.

I’ve said it a million times – a jean jacket will go over so many things in your closet and will make layering (and keeping warm) a breeze! Stay tuned for outfit ideas as I find my own and start pulling them together.

Happy shopping!

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