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In an effort to lighten my load this week, I want to bring you a blog I wrote a year ago about a nail polish I’m ironically wearing again…on almost the same week. You want to know what else is weird? We’re planning on going and buying flowers this week at Lowe’s.

Read on to see why that’s so weird.

Does anyone else take an abnormal amount of time choosing a nail color?

Every week, I stand in front of my collection, agonizing over the decision as if I were wearing the color to the Oscars. Why is this?!

color changing nail polish
Left hand’s been out of the sun, the right hand’s been in it.

My husband would probably tell you that I have too many options (and don’t tell him I said this, but that is probably a large part of the problem).

I think it’s mostly me. The fact that we spent over an hour in the flower section at Lowe’s the other night trying to get the right color combinations for our porch, proves I’m the common denominator.

Before you go judging me, I will say that my decisions are very calculated and 9 times out of 10 I’m extremely pleased with the results without question. It’s just being patient through the long thought process to get to that decision that people have to deal with.

Thankfully, there are geniuses out there like the creators behind Ruby Wing nail polish give you the ability to combine two colors into one. Cutting decision time…well, out! No more bright or dark conundrums, you can have the best of both worlds on your nails-anytime you want!

Ruby Wing

Want to know how you can have two different colors on your nails without using nail polish remover?

Sunlight! Ruby Wing has created a nail polish that changes from a bright to a dark, by simply holding your hand out to the sun!

Think of how fun this would be on your toes as your sunbathing, or what a cool party trick it would be at a cookout to start with one polish and half way through trick someone into thinking you’ve completely changed your nails!

That’s what I can’t wait for. Some hyper nail color aware person (much like myself) comes along, sees your nails before you hit the outdoors and registers that it’s one color, then five minutes later sees you outside and is freaked out because your nails are a whole other shade!
That. will. be. awesome.

It’s the Barbie color changing hair in water-thing all over again, but more socially acceptable for adults :)

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this nail polish technology hits it big, but until then be the first to wow (and remember you heard it here first!!) with Ruby Wing!

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