My Favorite Greens

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Have you heard about the dangers of keeping things in your closet for sentimental reasons? I’ve read that several places lately.

The danger lies in the fact that the item clogs up your closet and is left taking up space only because you can’t let it go.

Thankfully one of my sentimental pieces happens to be this gorgeous green dress. It’s not taking up space because I love it and I plan to wear it forever….at least every summer…for the rest of my life.

Believe it or not, this dress is almost ten years old. Right? I can’t believe it myself. I bought it to wear to my first bridal shower. The green color though reminds me of the perfect spring green – bright and fresh.

It’s a comfortable dress and has a cool belt detail at the top, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I paid $100 for it from (back when they sold more clothes that you could wear in public). And seeing as how I’ve worn it multiple times a year, every year for nine years – I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

When you buy simple pieces, they will stand the test of time and you can justify a more expensive purchase – feel free to use this on your husband for your next big purchase ;)

The other favorite green I’m featuring, is this green army jacket from Forever21. All of my favorite jackets have come from Forever21 in West Town Mall.

This one I’ve loved for years (it might be close to nine as well…geese!). My favorite thing about it is that it works both open and closed.

One of my all-time favorite outfits is this one with the striped shirt underneath and belted with the leopard belt. That was a great look. It’s one I came up with just playing around in my closet one night! Remember, that’s a great time to come up with fun looks!

Do you have any sentimental or favorite pieces that you wear on the regular? I want to hear about it – share it below!

Meanwhile here is a similar green maxi dress (with a cool criss-cross detail), and here is a simliar army jacket!

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