My Exercise Routine as a Mom

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I’m using “routine” very loosely up there in that title. Because by “routine” I mean sometimes not doing it on a regular basis, or at a certain time of day.

So if “routine” can also mean “very sporadically” then we’re cooking with the right stuff!

Here’s a quick history of my relationship with exercising – we met when I was in middle school and we hated each other. I never played sports (you’ll shake your head and think “that explains it” anytime you see me throw). The only thing I did that came close to a sport was ice skating. I took lessons for almost three years.

In college, Exercise and I never ran in the same crowd. I was best friends with Taco Bell and Big Mac. It wasn’t until the end of college right before I got married that I realized someone was going to see me naked on a regular basis. So Exercise and I quickly made up for lost time and we’ve been good friends ever since.

Until Jackson came into the picture…well that is until he literally came into the picture because all throughout my pregnancy I kept up my workout habits.

And even after he was born I did pretty good keeping up with the cardio. I could strap him on and do the elliptical or go for a walk. But now that he’s crawling and needing more entertainment, AND now that I don’t have the apartment gym 30 feet away from my front door, I’ve got to be creative, so here’s what I do…

Pop Sugar Fitness

This app is everything. I know people say that to be descriptive and dramatic, but it’s never been used more perfectly than to describe this app and it’s awesome trainers and workouts and this sentence is too long now.

You can set up a workout routine by combining all the ones you want to do – you can work out for 10 minutes, 40 minutes, whatever. And it’s like working out with your best friends because Anna Renderer is the best, happiest, most likable video fitness instructor to ever hit your eyeballs.

Pick what area you want to tone, or do challenges where they select the video for you. I get excited just to open the app and see what new workouts await!

I seriously considered joining a gym or a group after having Jackson, but after realizing how much extra time it would take to get us both out the door then drop him off somewhere, I decided to really make the best use of this app. It really is a time (and money) saver with all the same results. You simply have to be self-motivated.

Club Dance House

Ok, so sure, there are days when I can’t get to the app and one of us is super cranky or in need of constant attention (back off, sometimes I’m needy ;)

That’s when we visit Club Dance House. It’s a dance party, it’s a house-cleaning party but first, it’s a club. And you’re not invited because sometimes I dance crazy.

I turn on upbeat music and I dance. And then I clean. And since Jackson finds my dancing hilarious, it all works out – everyone is entertained, I’ve gotten in my cardio and the counters are sparkly.

Here’s a good article on how to clean effectively while doing cardio, by the way.

Most of all, just do it when you can. One of the biggest habits that has saved me in all this is calorie counting. Because when I can’t work it off, I can at least watch what’s going in and that has helped tremendously.

Here’s some more of my thoughts when it comes to body image (especially after having a baby).

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