Here’s How You Put Together an Important Outfit

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When a close friend asks you to help with something you already love to do, it’s a win/win…win/win/win.

Which is why I was super excited to help my good friend (and former bridesmaid) Carly, put together a very important outfit for a presentation she was giving at UT.

I wanted to share with you how we put together what she wore, because I know (first hand) that when you’ve got an important event to get dressed for, it can sometimes send you into a brain-blocked stupor.

Here are steps you can take to put together an important look…

1. Know your perimeters.

It is so much easier when you have perimeters when putting together an outfit. In Carly’s case, her outfit had to be something business casual and couldn’t include jeans. If yours aren’t as clear cut (Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t usually have a dress code) then start with the weather or what it is you’ll be doing and let those factors narrow down the field.

2. Pick one thing you really want to wear.

Having a starting point is really truly going to help you form an outfit. Carly knew she wanted to wear boots because they’re dressy but comfortable for standing (which is smart), so we started with her favorite boots and built out from there. When you’re stuck dazed and confused in your closet, make a point to pick just one piece that you really want to show off.

It could be shoes, or a necklace, or even a certain comfortable tank. Regardless, it’s going to help your indecision by starting with one piece you’re absolutely sure about.

3. Shop at a store you know.

There is no more hopeful feeling than that of pulling open the doors of a TJMaxx. Because in that moment you don’t know what they have (even if you were there yesterday), but that feeling that they may have exactly what you’re looking for is inescapable. Which is so great, but when you’re in a time crunch you need to go somewhere else.

We started at JCPenney because it’s a place I know has a consistent selection of basics. And sure enough, they came through.

We first picked up a cable knit sweater. It was a color consistent with what Carly typically wears and it was on sale so – win! While there, she found a great deal on some skinny pants that would go perfectly with her boots – win/win!

4. Stop and style.

After we found the basics of what she was going to wear, it was time to stop and look at everything so we could figure out how to style it. The sweater alone was pretty, but over a button down it would pop even more. And I knew we could add a little sparkle with a great necklace at her collar.

Take a moment to stop and figure out what else the outfit could use as it really helps direct the rest of your shopping trip. Without that, you’re just wandering aimlessly not sure of what you’re looking for. This way you have a plan.

If you look at what you have and are still not sure, maybe do a search on Pinterest to get a feel for how to style it.

5. Go to a few more stores.

After roaming the mall for a great button down, we ended up finding the perfect one back at JCP. But I’m really glad we did look in other stores, because it confirmed that this was the perfect outfit. Sometimes I’ll do this just for the peace of mind that there’s nothing “better” out there.

Finally, be sure to consciously ease off the pressure in your mind. I typed that sentence for myself, because I’m so guilty of letting the pressure build. The problem with letting that happen is after a while nothing is good enough.

Focus on what you’re going to feel good in and remember that it’s never as big of a deal as you think.

In the end, Carly looked so beautiful, so her and so perfect for what she was doing. AND she did such an amazing job. I am so proud to call her my friend!

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