Back to School Comfort for Your Feet!


Oh if I could buy you all bouquets of new sharpened pencils to celebrate school I would!

Since that would get expensive and not to mention time consuming, I will instead post about something that would help you look cute and feel comfortable. Because that’s what we need for a full day at school or work!
One thing I love about fall coming up, is having my toes nestled comfortably inside socks and shoes. That feeling of comfort compared to the sandals we strap them in during the summer is definitely something to look forward to.
The only problem is, most of the time cute flats can’t be paired with regular socks, if any sock at all.
I once found a lacey pair of little socks that would go with all of my flats, but they feel a part fast (to be fair, I wore them a lot).
What I wanted was something more solid (and not hand-washable for the love of all things polka dot!).
After a long and defeating search, I happened to turn the corner in JCPenney one day to find the promised land of all promised lands of little socks! So many options to choose from, and at such a great price! I got this bundle of three for $10!
I will wear them well over $10 worth for sure.
With some of my flats, when I wear these the right way they show through at the top. But I solved that little problem by just turning them around and sticking my toes where you heel is supposed to go.
They give me all day comfort just like I was wearing full on socks and comfy shoes. Ahh.
Pamper your toes this school season and go check them out at West Town Mall!

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