It’s the most sparkly time of the year!

Glitter and shimmer and sparkles-they’re all good anytime of year, but this month especially is their chance to shine (pun? Oh yeah, it was intended).

It’s easy to get caught up in buying things that sparkle. Real easy.
Because sparkles are exciting, you can’t look at something sparkly and not have at least one part of your brain in “bounce house” mode.
They are equal parts exciting and glamorous, what’s not to love about that!?

In order to reign that in a little bit (or at least put a filter on it), I’ve switched to buying things that don’t transmit, “I got caught up in the Christmas spirit and now I own three pairs of sparkle pants just like this pair I’m wearing with my shimmer sweat shirt.”

Instead, I ask myself, does this look Christmas-y? Could I get away with wearing it on a special occasion any time of year? If the answers are no and then yes, then I’ll take the plunge.

It’s always good to own things that shimmer, but it’s also good to feel as if you don’t have to wait for the most wonderful time of year to wear them.
You want to be smart with what you buy, so if you get the heels covered in glitter and you know you’ll only wear them to your work Christmas party (aka: once a year) then wait till they go on sale.

My most recent sparkle purchase was a pair of heels that pushed past my dislike of bows and worked themselves straight into my heart.

I love these shoes! And part of the reason why is, the sparkle is very subtle so I can rock these with my Christmas dress AND any other time of year that calls for a little fancy shmancy.

Please put down the sparkle track suit, and think about what I’m saying.
It’s starting to all make sense now, isn’t it? Look away from the sparkles! ;)

(PS: When you go to buy shoes at Forever21, buy a size down. Their shoes are not at all true to size-it’s the only place on the planet I have to buy a size down in order for them to fit. So keep that in mind if you order online or in store).

Merry Christmas!

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