How My Style has Changed as a Mom

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Right before I got married, I remember asking a married friend of mine a crazy question.

I had developed a fear in my head that I was going to let myself go once I tied the knot. She kindly said that just because you’re married doesn’t mean you stop being a woman (duh, Elizabeth) and encouraged me that my style wouldn’t suffer.

Turns out she was right. Not only did my style not suffer, it got better. And it’s not at all because I now had a deep “voice of reason” coming from the corner of the bedroom saying, “That looks ridiculous.” Nope. That’s not it at all.

As you can imagine, that same concern popped up in my head early on in my pregnancy. I was concerned I’d loose my “touch” in maternity wear and beyond since my time would be spent on someone else. Remembering that same feeling I had before getting married, I squashed that crazy fear and turned it into a challenge. (Which I rose to and crushed and you can read how here)

I challenged myself to enjoy getting dressed while pregnant and to not let my style rituals suffer afterwards.

Is it harder to find time to shop for myself? Yes. I recently went shopping with a friend and on the way there, tried to remember the last time I shopped kid-free for no one but myself…it had been a minute.

But that’s where my style goal for the year comes in – my goal is to more often shop my closet. I want to push myself to wear things differently and take time at night to get creative with what I own.

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I’ve also challenged myself to find more things that meet my physical needs without sacrificing my style aesthetic.

That red skirt, for example. I bought it knowing I would be chasing around an 18-month-old at my brother’s wedding and I didn’t want to be concerned I was flashing everyone all night (thank you, New York & Co!).

Those floral joggers? Bought so that I could be comfortable but still look purposeful when running errands with my little Chunker Cheeks.

Sure, there are things I buy that I know won’t get worn as much. Like anything that’s off the shoulder? Yeah, I love ya (and I bought ya) but it restricts my arm movement…in certain moments that might be a problem with a little boy.

Bathing suit-wise? A HUGE shout out to the person/company that brought these high neck swimsuits into the world?! I mean – being able to run around and not worry about your girlfriends popping out is EVERYTHING.

So just know, no matter what new chapter of life you’re entering into, you don’t have to loose yourself. Take it as a challenge. Adapt your style, don’t forget it or let it go.

It’s possible to look spiffy no matter what!

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