What do People Think about You?

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Turns out, knowing what people think about you doesn’t have to be a super power. Flying, I’m sad to report, is still out of reach (I’m sure Google’s working on that).

So how do you find out what people think of you? And do we have any control?

Yes and yes!

I’ve worked in marketing for almost 10 years now, and in that field you do a lot of work to control what people think of your brand. This week my life was consumed with marketing meetings about a brand and how we get that brand’s message out. This got me to thinking about my individual brand, which made me realize I want to help you with yours…

What is your brand?

Pick one person in your life that you see on a fairly regular basis but isn’t close family. Someone like your butcher (because this is the 1930’s), or someone at work…think about how you appear in front of them…

What message do they get from your regular appearance?

What do you think they would say your style is?

What would they say your demeanor is like? Happy? Sad? Do you complain a lot? Or talk about yourself all the time? Or are you friendly but slightly withdrawn?

How about social media presence? It’s really the biggest way we present our “brand”, so what does that look like? Is it filled with complaints? Jokes? Pinterest-perfect pictures? Quotes? Brags?

The brand and message you send is constant and is so very important to how you are perceived. Of course we all want to be perceived well, and the good news is you have control over that.

I have a picture in my head of what I want to be known as. I strive to reinforce my brand and base all of my posts, outfit choices and grooming rituals around it. I know that sounds like a lot of work (and some weeks it is), but it’s important to me to maintain my brand.

I’ll bet you can guess some of it ;)

I want to be known as a happy person (a comedian, really). My style is feminine but not girly (no bows allowed). I like to take classic pieces and add some edge and a dash of trends. Everything I select has to translate a very confident woman who maintains her unique style and pays attention to details, all the while not taking myself too seriously.

The reason I do my nails every single week is so that I continue to translate the message that I am polished (Ha! Polished. Get it?)

I shared that so you could see an example and think about the brand YOU want to portray.

As the weeks and months go by, I’d like to dedicate posts on how to help you with this. Things like outfit planning – planning what you’re doing to wear helps you maintain your style, leave your house calm/happy/on time, and helps reinforce your brand.

I’ll share tips on how I do my hair, and keep the hair style for at least 3 days (sometimes 7!).

And how to look polished in a hurry because, you know, life. And even help you find your style!

There’s so much I want to share with you about this, so I’m excited about it and hope you are too!

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