Product Review: Nexxus Hair Spray

Does anyone else get excited to go to the travel section?

Everything in it is so cheap and so darn cute! Just think of how much fun we could have had with our American Girl dolls and the miniature size body washes – oh the social media pics I could have produced as a child….

Nevertheless, I love the travel section now for different reasons (thankfully they go outside the bounds of setting up dolls in real life scenarios with hair spray and shampoo). I love it because it allows me to test run products without spending a lot of money.

While on vacation a couple weeks ago, I didn’t pack any of my hair sprays so that I could go by the travel section (ha the sentence could end there) and grab a brand I’ve never used before.

This time I picked up Nexxus Hair Spray (more specifically “Finishing Mist”). This one promised a touchable hold, which means you can still run your fingers through your hair without getting caught (I hate it when that happens and you’re sitting in front of people who you know are being entertained watching you untangle your fingers).

nexxus hair spray

I really liked two things about this spray and really disliked one…

1. I loved that it did what it promised – it held my style and still allowed movement in my hair and the ability to run my fingers through it after styling.

2. It passed the overnight test. I had to only touch up in a few places, but overall the style held strong after sleeping on it.

What I disliked the most was the smell. It has that hardcore heavy hairspray smell.

But because the hair spray performed so well in the other categories, I may not toss it out entirely. I’ll just have to keep going back to the travel section to buy more…I should do that now and maybe buy lots of other things while I’m standing there…

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