A Hair Product That Works in the Real World

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A lot of television and movies require a willingness to check reality at the door. Actually, so do most reality shows.

Other things that make that list? Video hair tutorials where you’re shown how to create the “perfect wave” or an “easy up-do” using drugstore brand tools. These types of videos mesmerize me.  I’m such a sucker for them because I think that since they’re using drugstore brands, I can totally achieve the same look! Wrong.

For one thing, the hair styles are being created by professionals. It’s never the model doing her own hair in a messy bathroom, 15 minutes before she’s supposed to walk out the door. Video tape THAT.

Another thing…there always seems to be strategic edits to the video which completely glamorizes the actual time it would take to try that hair style. Oh, the video was only 4 minutes? That must be how long it takes to achieve the perfect side-swept bun! Wrong.

But they make those videos for suckers like me, who still go out and try the product any way. Which is what lead me to picking up this TRESemme Heat Protective Spray a couple weeks ago.

You should be using some kind of heat protective on your hair, even if all you do is use a hair dryer. It’s good to have an extra layer between all of that heat and your hair. This spray is nice for a number of reasons…

First, it sprays out a fine, wide mist of product. Let me get a “What What” for those of you that understand the spraying mechanism can really make or break a product. I hate it when it sprays a straight concentrated stream into one part of my hair, soaking it and then drying into one crunchy chunk. This spray completely avoids that and really allows you to cover a great amount of hair and also doesn’t soak it down.

Second, it smells fantastic. Another big pet peeve of mine is smelly hair products. It takes a lot of effort for me to wake up early, wash my hair and then dry it, I don’t want all of that hard work to come to get flushed down the drain because what I’m spraying on my hair smells like dusty funeral parlor. TRESemme heat protective spray smells clean and fresh. In fact I would consider spraying it in my hair everyday just to give it a smell-boost.

I’ve also noticed my hair is a little shinier since using this spray. And it gives me peace of mind when I go straight from the hair dryer to the curling iron.

All of which, adds up to the fact that I don’t have to check reality at my bathroom door – I actually walk away with hair I’m happy with.

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