Great Jeans & How to Fit Your Butt in Them

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I don’t promise to be a nutrition/exercise guru. If I did I’d rename the blog or – like spin class, get it? Right. Let’s stick with The Spiff.

What I do promise is to share everything that I do in my fight against fat.

And in keeping with the purpose of this blog, everything I share is to help you feel confident about yourself no matter your weight! I really believe the first step to getting where you want to be, is to love where you are now. That’s how I start! I make a point to check myself (before I wreck myself) and appreciate what I look like. When I do that, I can relax and enjoy the journey.

This month on the Knoxville Families Magazine blog I shared four steps towards getting yourself in gear when it comes to working out.

And I’ve got a bonus fifth step that I’ll offer you for free (it’s all free, but it sounds WAY cooler if I say it like that).

Do whatever you can, in whatever time you have to do it.

Last night I had 15 minutes to work out. Fifteen. So I drove to the gym peddled it out for 15 minutes and left. I felt great afterwards, and was happy with myself for doing what I could. It might not have been a huge calorie torcher or muscle builder, BUT it was way better than nothing.

The goal is to eliminate every excuse – so if your thing is time, eliminate that excuse with a quick work out. It plays well with the other tips I shared on their blog (go read them here).

One of the biggest benefits to doing this? Sliding into this style of jeans.

I love my skinny jeans. Like, we can’t keep our hands off each other in public. But that doesn’t mean I’ll go out with this cut every once in a while. Which makes me sound like a real player. But the cut I talk about here deserves a little attention.

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here with fresh content on Tuesday!

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