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That’s a lofty goal I set for myself in the title. But I had to do something as my unction to get back in my routine has been severely lacking this January. Am I alone in that?

Usually I’m all jazzed about getting back into things, but this year it seems that I need to plug my “jazzed” into an outlet.

I thought it would help get me excited and charged up about the year if I took a look at how I did with my goals from 2014 (you can read the original post here if you’d like)…

1. Learn new eyeshadow techniques. (Check!)

This past year not only did I switch up my routine looks, but I integrated new colors and paired my everyday look waaaaay down (that’s another post for another time).

2. Purge my house of crap things I’m not using. (Check! ..ish)

I did a good job of cleaning certain areas out, but holy frappuccino, there are so many more areas in our house that need to be cleaned out. This month so far I have cleared out all my unnecessary nail polishes and whittled down my 124 bottle collection to just what I’m going to use (that shelf you see pictured was built by my husband! Awww). Next up is my closet…and by “my closet” I really mean every closet in our house.

3. Rock a tutu. For real. (Well, I got close)

If you follow me on Instagram you got to see the five minutes I rocked a tutu. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. I ordered one online for a specific event, it just didn’t get here in time. After trying it on though, I was glad it didn’t. The sparkly pants I went with were a much better option. Maybe I’ll try again with a white one in the spring.

What goals did you accomplish this past year!?

I’ll have more on goal setting for 2015 next week. In fact I plan on talking about how to better your image in the coming year! I hope you have a great weekend, and I’m glad to be back to a regular posting schedule! :)

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