Gift Ideas for a Gift Exchange Party

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I was going to call it a “White Elephant” party, but not everyone refers to it as such. So here are some ideas for those parties you go to when you’ve got to put your gift in a pile of others gifts, you draw a number and go around the room and pick gifts out of the pile with the ability to steal if you want to.

There. Just so you know what I’m talking about.

The fun thing about those parties is that sometimes you can go a little bit funny with the gift you buy. And who knows, some of this may actually come in handy for someone and they may have never bought it for themselves.

I did include one serious gift in this list, so you’re welcome.

Pitt Mitt from Mori’s Luggage and Gifts:

Beginning top right we’ve got the Ove Glove’s crazy cousin – Pitt Mitt. This guy is so wild he’ll throw himself into open barbeque’s just for some attention. But seriously this glove will allow the user to reach in and pick up something hot on the grill, which will come in handy in the summer months – which is exactly what you should yell out when the person opens their brand new Pitt Mitt!

Lunch Box from JCP:

Here’s the one serious gift. It’s a lunch box. It comes with two Tupperware – a word which I’m just now realizing is really hard to write the plural of without getting the red squiggly  line. You can see it comes with dos. It’s cute, and the person who opens it may or may not have that, “Please someone steal this sucker” look on their face afterwards. But that’s the gamble you take when participating in this game.

Poo-Pourri from Mori’s:

Give the gift of an embarrassment-free bathroom trip this Christmas. This lovely bottle, if sprayed in the toilet bowl before “dropping the kids off at the pool”, will save the person you love most in life the embarrassment of leaving the bathroom smelly. Give this so that your number 1 can hide their number 2.

Go Girl from Mori’s:

Speaking of bathroom visits…you never know when you’re going to have to tinkle and you can’t because you’re suddenly in the middle of the woods. Thankfully, someone somewhere had this problem regularly and decided to do something about it. Thus came “Go Girl.” Give the special woman in your life, the gift of being able to pee standing up.

Sand’s Alive! from Mori’s:

Mori’s is a treasure trove of great gifts that are also fun and entertaining. Like this Sand’s Alive set. If there were to be an infomercial about this stuff it would definitely start off with adults playing in the sand box in their living room, in black and white, getting frustrated that the granules are getting everywhere. And that guy would come on and say, “Do you enjoy playing with sand, but hate the mess that it leaves throughout your house? UGH! Now you can enjoy the cool refreshing feeling of sand, without all the messy clean up, with Sand’s Alive!” If you haven’t felt this stuff, you need to. It’s sand that doesn’t come apart. Bend the brains of everyone at the party and throw this in the gift pile.

And hey, grab all of this stuff at West Town Mall!

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