Gift Guide for the Hardest Person on Your List (and it’s All Under $25)

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We can all admit to having at least one person on our list who we’re stumped about because we may not know them so well. Do they wear silver? Do they like candles? Do they wear underwear? Maybe we can’t answer any of these questions, but we can still get them a great gift and look like we spent a lot doing so.

I really like this list, and let me just say how incredibly distracting it can be tracking these items down online. I mean…I’m searching through websites of some great stores, it’s REALLY hard not to go on a rabbit trail of shopping. But I pushed through and did it just for you. And by the way, all of these items can be found at West Town Mall!

1. Vera Bradley ID Case – Everyone can use this at some point. It’s perfect for those instances where you need to carry a few things but don’t need a purse. Football games, intense shopping days – this will really come in handy and all you spent was $12.

2. Yankee Candle Travel Tin – Ok, this is pretty cool. It’s a tin that contains a scented oil that you release by pulling up the lid. Pull it up a little or a lot, the scent is supposed to last 4 weeks. This particular one smells like Christmas cookie, but they’ve got all kinds of scents and I just think it’s such a great idea. Buy several (they’re only $5.99!) so the person you’re giving them to can have everything they own smelling like a Christmas wonderland!

3. Kate Spade New York Sticky Note Set – I truly believe that great style means having cute things even if you’re the only one to see them. Give someone the gift of great style this Christmas with these glamorous sticky notes. They’re perfect for magazine surfing, or for making them look really good when leaving a note on someone’s desk. They’ll love you for that. And you’ll only be out $16. Dillard’s is where it’s at.

4. ShutterBall Remote for Smartphones – What’s everyone taking these days? Selfies. What’s going to help a person more easily take selfies? This remote. It comes with a stand so you can set up your phone and take a picture with this remote from up to 60 feet away. Any fashion blogger would love this. Any fashion blogger with a blog that rhymes with sha shmiff would absolutely love this. ;) Oh and hey, it’s only $19.95! Get it at Mori’s Luggage and Gifts.

5. Bliss Mistletoe Gems – The problem 10 out of 10 women face this time of year is dry hands and lips. So will you be spot on with the gift of these ultra-hydrating, antioxidant rich moisturizers. Visit Sephora, give them $15.00 and you’ll walk away with a sure thing.

6. Tarte Ladies Who Lash Limited Edition Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler Set - Can you remember the last time you bought an eyelash curler? Exactly. Give a glamorous one to someone else and throw in a mascara for the low low price of $23. You can also get this at Sephora.

7. Altar’d State Sign – So hopefully you know enough about this person to know if they have a dog or a cat. If you don’t, they’ve got a great selection of really happy signs that anyone with a pulse would love! This particular sign is only $12.

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