Patterned Jacket

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(Sometimes when taking outfit pictures, I’m not sure what to do with my hands).

My favorite impression Kristin Wiig did on SNL was of Suzy Ormon. The quote is on my Pinterest “Spiffy Jackets” board. She says in the perfect rendition of Suzy’s definitive staccato voice, “I got decorative buttons tattooed down my chest, so that it always looks like I’m wearing a jacket.”

Her delivery and the visual she creates is comedy gold.

Let’s talk about jackets. But instead of decorative buttons, how about a good patterned jacket.

What you won’t find in what I’m about to say is me talking about patterned blazers. While I’m certain there are people in this world who can pull them off, I am not on that list. So I won’t speak to what I cannot wear.

What I’d like to talk about is more along the lines of outerwear.

I got this gray and black patterned jacket from Forever21 when they were running one of their ridiculous I-feel-like-I’m-stealing kind of sales. I think I got it for less than $20. It’s not a jacket I went look for, but I do love having it around for days when my look could use a little pattern play.

If you need a light jacket for cool fall days, consider one with a pattern! I know it might be out of your ordinary, but I think it will end up being a jacket you reach for more often than you might think (I know that’s what happened to me).

I’ve tracked down some more here, here and here. It will help you to dabble in some pattern mixing if you haven’t, and at the very least it will cuten up some of your patternless looks. There are so many made up words in that sentence. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have a jacket/sweater/coat/cardigan/ hoodie obsession. Last fall, before I bought any new ones for the season, I counted and I had more than 30. I don’t know how many I bought last year, but it was more than 5. And this season it’s not even cold enough to wear them really, and I have already bought 2 more. And I have plans for the specific new “go-to” hoodie I want to buy for this season. And I don’t EVER get rid of them. In fact, I have a hoodie that says Class of 2??? (Ok really it says the actual year I graduated, but I’m not putting THAT on the Internet for all the world to know my age

    1. Haha!!! I’m totally with you on this!! Every single year I end up doing the same thing and every time I go to get dressed I think, “I really need to focus on buying things to go UNDER the jackets.” Haha, that’s so funny you do the same thing. Maybe we do need to start a support group and get someone who buys too many tank tops and t-shirts to head it up, that way they can balance us out. :-D

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