Basic Shirts for Less Than a Footlong

For the past couple of weeks I’ve taken a break from the blog to recover from birthing a life into the world (I think that warrants a break, don’t you?) and to get in the swing of motherhood. It’s all been amazing and I’ll share the story in a later blog.

I will say that my love capacity has increased beyond what I thought possible, and I never thought I could stare at any one human face for so long without getting tired of it. I just moved my laptop over so that his little handsome baby face is in my line of vision so I could look from him to the screen without much effort. Let’s just say it’s going to take a while to get this blog typed out ;)

Now that I’m starting to get around and out more often, I’ve been focusing on items that I can wear comfortably and will make a quick, cute outfit. I’m certain these will be my goals for a large part of my motherhood and not just during the recovery period, so it’s a good thing I start thinking in this mode now.

I’m always up for a good clothing challenge, so this only excites me!

What I’ve found really helps are cheap t-shirts. I bought three at $5 each recently and they’ve been great for throwing together outfits that I can be comfortable in and yet feel put together.

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These pictured are from Forever21 and ring in a little over $5 at $5.90, but it’s still cheaper than a footlong at Subway now as I think they’ve reached a full $6. So cheaper than lunch!

In fact, Forever21 has a great collection of basics for cheapity-cheap. Get in there and see what you can find. Even if you wear it twice, it’s a great cost-per-wear deal.

You can wear these with your complete jean collection and pair them with fancy sandals or cute sneakers. Add a long gold necklace to any of them or go with a multi-colored statement necklace to help make them look different. They’re perfect for running around in.

And if they stretch out too much, get sauce on them from your Subway footlong or become an emergency burp cloth, you’re only out $5! Or, $5.90. Close enough ;)


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