You Need to Master This Trend


It’s for your own good.

Putting your own spin on the Athleisure trend, will save you time when getting dressed to run simple errands, make you look good while you’re out and about, and keep you comfortable when running after little people.

If we could just get calories to not count when wearing it, we’d be living in heaven and I would be eating a lot of doughnuts and bagels. And pizza. And macaroni and cheese. Now I want a doughnut.

I’ve gathered some more examples for you. Just to reiterate that the trend is mostly a mix of casual and athletic pieces. I’m surprised they didn’t go with “Cathletic” or “Leisletic”. #noimnot

In this first example (source), girl is wearing a hoodie and tennies. But look how a few elevated pieces can bring it into more of a sophisticated look and less like you’ve spend your life on the couch.

athleisure forgotten


I love the sweater this next girl has on. LOVE. IT.

But all it is is black pants (which, in this instance you can getaway with tights because the sweater is covering her bum – but ONLY because it’s covering her bum) and a black shirt!

Simple. Classy. Comfortable. (Words often used to describe me in high school ;)

The look comes from a pretty neat website called SexyModest Boutique. Check it out!

athleisure 3


Finally, this is a look I came across on Pinterest. Within seconds of seeing it, I had an outfit worked out in my head that I could put together with things I already owned. Which is the funnest epiphany of them all!

Notice that she’s worked in work out pants – proving what I’ve been saying all  week…it’s a mix!

athleisure 1

Try it yourself this weekend!

If you get stuck, check out my board on Pinterest for more inspiration!

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