What to Look for in a Button-Down Shirt

button down

I knew I liked this shirt that I picked up at New York & Co. in West Town Mall, but it wasn’t until I examined it closely that I realized why it fits/looks so great.

It was then that I discovered it had everything I was looking for in a button down shirt.

Let me break it down…

button down

The problem most button-downs have is that the first button is in a precarious spot. If you keep it buttoned you look like a librarian, if you unbutton it you look like a slut.

This gives total validity to the conversation George and Jerry had that began and ended the Seinfeld series. It was all about buttons being in the wrong place. This shirt solves that problem with a slight V-neck, placing the first button in precisely the right spot.

Speaking of buttons, another problem most shirts like this have is gaping. The boob area especially can sometimes produce holes so wide you’d have to charge admission. Someone at New York and Co. recognized this problem and had the smarts to realize this shirt will side step it. It’s got a button every 1/2 inch so there is no gaping, no admission, no peep show (just don’t plan on buttoning/unbuttoning in a hurry, it’s hard).

Next on the list of brilliant things about this shirt, is this little waist cinching detail you can’t really see in the picture. It’s got darts on the sides, and a little bit of gathering behind those darts so as to slim your midsection. Again, genius.

And finally, the biggest problem I have with button-downs is their length. Most of the time they’re super short, barely skimming the top of my pants. Ewww. I hate that. This one is a nice long length making me feel balanced and not like I’m all legs.

New York & Co. in West Town Mall really knows how to pick ‘em. Go get your perfect button-down (because it’s also a great layering piece for fall) today!

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