Tips for Navigating Outlets

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We live in a beautiful area. Driving through Sevierville at just the right time, you can get a clear view of the Banana Republic Outlet sign or the Nike Factory Outlet.

Nothing like a golden sunset behind The Loft Outlet. Mm. Mm. Mm.

The lure of the outlets is real. And I’m not going to lie, long before I pull in the parking lot my mouth salivates when thinking of all the outfit possibilities that lie in wait for me.

That’s why I set a few rules for myself to keep things under control.

Having recently shopped there, I realized just how valuable these rules are…

Go early.

I cannot stress this enough. The earlier you go the better your day will go.

You’ll avoid the crowds and you won’t walk away completely haggard.

Don’t get caught up in a sale fog.

Sure, you immediately think “DEAL!” when you hear, “outlet”, but honestly, you’re not getting super duper extravagant discounts. You are getting items that aren’t in the stores for a little less, sure.

Just bare in mind that you’re not getting the deal of a lifetime. Sometimes the feel of a discount can make you buy things you normally wouldn’t. Be aware of that.

Practice the art of walking away.

There were several pieces I almost picked up, but I wasn’t totally sold on them. So I walked away. And you know by doing that, I ended up buying a great skirt, gilt free, that I probably would have passed up if I had spent on other “just ok” items.

I hope these tips help your shopping adventures this weekend.

If you find those adventures take you to Vera Bradley in West Town Mall from 1-3, say hi to me! I’ll be in there cuddling bags ;)

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