Summer Sales: How to Keep Your Wits About You

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If you were confused by the title of this post, then the rest of the content isn’t for you.

The sales happening currently (and I do mean right this very minute #amazonprime) can put you in a daze, a fog, a stupor or a high if you’re not careful.

Between the big Amazon sale and the Nordstom sale not to mention the sales happening at every other store in the world ever – there’s a lot of money to be saved (but really spent). So let my words be a cold compress to your head as we calm ourselves down for a minute, drink a glass of water and get our wits about us.

Tip #1

Before you even seriously shop, take stock of what you need.

Go through your closet and your home and look around as though you were on a tight budget and could only replace one thing. One single thing. This will either help you whittle off the things that aren’t truly needed or have the reverse effect and make you realize everything you’ve thought about replacing in the last 6 months. Either way – you’ll have a good idea of what you really need to buy.

Tip #2

Go through the websites with sales and after you’ve found what you need, wishlist a few things.

The Nordstrom sale doesn’t open to the public until Friday. This year, I’ve wishlist-ed two things that I want so when it opens on Friday, I can go directly to my list, add the things and be on my way. I’m not buying anything I haven’t thought about for days.

This helps me to not buy anything “just because it’s on sale.” I’m buying it with my wits about me. And I’m taking advantage of the deals helping to quiet my FOMO (anyone else feel sad if they don’t buy something from a major sale?)

Always check the return policy before purchasing and remember there’s always Poshmark ;)

Happy Sale Season!

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