Thursday night I got to stop by the the Indulge event for Moms at West Town Mall.

Again this year they partnered with The Restoration House. Their goal is to, “restore single mothers and their children back to God’s good intent for their lives.” What a great cause!

=At last night’s Indulge event there were all kinds of vendors (including Jamberry Nail wraps, which I’m soon to try myself). There were snacks and swag bags…all kinds of fun stuff. I love it when the mall does special events like this, it makes shopping even more fun!

As part of the festivities four specials moms got to get makeovers including hair, makeup and new clothes. At last year’s event, I got to follow each one around, and I truly enjoyed getting to see the joy on their faces as they let themselves get pampered :)

It’s fun to get pampered yourself, but I think there’s a deeper joy that comes with making it happen for someone else, especially if they never take time out for themselves.

Consider pampering your mom this weekend! Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spend, so you can always do her nails, toes or just let her sit on the couch while you do the house work. As a woman who has a lot of house work to do, I know that would be appreciated.

If you’re looking for gift ideas, you can click here for five great options.

Or you can always buy her a gorgeous hat! I know the Kentucky Derby was last weekend, but that doesn’t mean these hats have lost their beauty.

Click here to watch my segment on some great options from Belk (any one of them would make a great mother’s day gift!)

Enjoy the weekend!

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